About Me

My name is Ann Marie Queen. I know hate is a very strong word, but I hate when people call me “Ann”. Namely because I am named after both my grandmothers. When I am called by one name or the other, I feel I am slighting the other grandmother. I love both of them for different reasons and I am very proud to have their names with me for the rest of my life.My husband made me a Queen on June 1, 2012. Before becoming a Queen, I was a very princess-y Dickson.
When people ask where I am from, I find it hard to answer. I was born in Fort Worth, Texas – Moved to Holland (a suburb of Philadelphia), PA when I was 15 – Moved to Ruston, LA when I was 20. I grew in different ways in all those places. I have taken to saying I am from Philly by way of Fort Worth. I have a little bit of Southern Charm mixed with Northern Sass!
Currently I work at my alma mater, Louisiana Tech University, as a Project Coordinator for a Rural Development Program. My husband, John, is a reference librarian at the Lincoln Parish Library.
We just bought a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom house and are looking forward to fixing it up to our liking! It’s going to be a challenge considering our decorating styles are completely different. I am LOUD and my wonderful husband is SOFT.
I have vestibulitus. There is no cure, only treatments. However, I have been treated and it’s going well! You can read more about that by going to the “Vestibulitus – My Struggle” tab.
I recently discovered the overwhelming news that I am going to be a mommy! April 2014

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